Yankee’s in First Place… Surprise!! Surprise!!


The 2015 Baseball Season has certainly been very unpredictable (if you’re a New York Yankee fan) roughly, a third of the baseball schedule has passed and we still don’t know who the real Yankee Team is.  The Yankees still lead the American League East even though most of the Brian Cashman’s trades from last year still have not worked out particularly well (although we should give it more time).  It’s still early, 2/3 of the baseball season is left.

Masahiro Tanaka has pitched great since coming off the disabled list (weeks ago) but I worry every time he pitches.  You have to wonder if the next pitch he throws will be his last and Tommy John surgery is just around the corner.

Will the real Stephen Drew please stand up?  He is great defensively but what can we expect from him on a consistent basis offensively?

Chase Whitley has 12 errors at 3rd base and can’t be counted on at the plate when the team really needs him.

Carlos Beltran has played better of late but he looks old and I wonder if he can withstand a 162 game baseball season.

Didi Gregorius has settled down at short stop, but I still question some of the defensive decisions he makes.  He has 8 errors at short and for someone who was touted as a defensive genius before he came here, he has yet to impress.  He sometimes looks lost at the plate and you wonder if he really belongs in the pros.

The jury is still out on CC Sabathia, one week you get the good CC and the next week you get the bad CC.  Hopefully as the season goes on he will become more consistent.

Michael Pineda is developing into a number one caliber starter (that was a great trade Brian Coshman made to get him).  If he and Tanaka stay healthy, the Yankees could have two number one caliber starters on the team.

Thank god for Andrew Miller and Dellin Betances.  Both these guys have been lights out and without them the Yankees would be in last place not first place.  Both of these guys should be voted onto the American League All Star Team.  They have earned it.  It’s no surprise the Yankees are in first place in baseball’s worst division.  No team in the American League East has shown they are ready to step forward and be a dominant team.  With the American League East being so weak, the Yankees may have just enough to win baseballs worst division.  The Yankees have some good ball players on the farm, and we could possibly see some of them before the baseball season comes to an end.