Giants vs. Dallas Heartbreaker

GIANTS VS DALLAS The New York Football Giants allowed a TD with seven seconds left in the game to lose it. The Giants had the game all wrapped up (everyone expected the game to be a Dallas blowout) until the Cowboys went 72 yards in six plays with 7 seconds left in the game to pull victory out of the jaws of defeat. The number of ways the Giants blew this game is unbelievable. The Giants weren’t good enough to stop the Cowboys when it counted. Let’s go over some of the dumb coaching mistakes in the last 3 minutes. Let’s start when the Giants had the ball at the one yard line. It was first and goal and Eli and the Giant’s offense had 4 downs to run out the clock and go up 10 points with under 2 minutes left in the game. Rashad Jennings was told by Eli Manning not to score so the Giants could run the clock down. Eli thought Dallas had used their last time out on the previous pass play to Odell Beckham. It is up to the coaching staff to remind the quarterback how many time outs are left and to make sure the coaching staff and quarterbacks are on the same page. If the Giants score here, the percentages were very high that Dallas could not come back from a 10 point deficient with less than one minute and 30 seconds left in the game, to score 10 points. The Giants did not score on the first two downs from the one yard line. Now, you would think the strategy would be to run on 3rd down and 4th down to get at least one yard to score, right? Wrong! The genius coaching staff sent in a passing play that was incomplete. If they would have run on 3rd and 4th down, not only were their chances of getting that touchdown good but the clock would have come down another 80 seconds. Even if they didn’t score on 4th down, Dallas would have been on the one yard line with very little time to get into field goal range to tie the score. The play calling and time management were very bad, and this is what caused the Giants to lose the game. It is time for a new coaching staff. Coaches have gotten fired quickly for making poor decisions as Coughlin and his staff did in the last 3 minutes of this game. If you’re a Giant fan, you are outraged with the final outcome of this game. The Giants have not made the playoffs since 2012 when they won their last Super Bowl. It’s time for a shakeup in the front office and time to replace an aging coach who has seen his better days.