Football Giants Review”


giants helmetThe New York Football Giants are now 4 games over 500 for the first time in 4 years.  You ask yourself how this is possible with a running game that is one of the worst in the league and an offensive line that can be offensive at times.  Eli Manning, despite making some poor decisions throwing the football has had an outstanding season so far.  He gets rid of the football, quickly and despite what some people may think about his accuracy; Eli has had a pretty accurate season so far.  If the Giants improve the offensive line next year and keep the talent they have this year, they could be a very competitive team in the east and give Dallas a run for the division title.

The defense has improved dramatically over last year and the pass rush is just starting to come around. Defensive end Oliver Vernon and Jason Pierre-Paul are learning how to play with each other, which gives the Giant defense that extra push they need to close games when the offense stalls.  New comers in the defensive backfield, Janoris Jenkins, Eli Apple, Dante Deagon, Michael Huntgee, and Matt Smalley along with returning veteran Domenique Rogers  Cromarti have formed a very good secondary and the defensive line led by Damon “Snacks” Harrison have performed better so far than expected.  The Giants head coach, Ben Mcadoo, has done a good job for a first year head coach – but Ben your offensive play calling is not fooling anyone.  Ben, you need to hire a good offensive coordinator and stick to being the head coach.  With a good offensive line and a good offensive coordinator that offense can be awesome.  Combine that offense and defense (Steve Spagnolla is one of the best defensive coordinators in the League) and next year can be a Super Bowl Year.

Go Giants!!!